Photo booths are entertaining and fun and they are increasingly being used at parties and events for these reasons. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, corporate event or farewell party, booths are definitely in!

There are some very interesting party booth trends that are being provided by party organizers. Some of these are trendy, some funny while some are thematic.

Here are some of the party booth trends organizers are using:

Outdoor Booths

Indoor parties are now passé. People now want to attend outdoor parties. Whether a lunch or a dinner party, guests like the outdoors. A poolside party or a garden party is the best place to celebrate any of your events. From wedding receptions to corporate events, outdoor parties are always a hit. Organizers are having different types of outdoor photo booths where guests can take photos using the various props provided. This gives them another opportunity to have fun and socialize.

Animated GIFs

Video is becoming highly popular. People like to share their videos with others making them see all the fun and entertainment that they are having. The GIFs are an incredible way to share your experience and this is what exactly the guests are doing using these photo booths. Boomerang GIFs are very popular with the youngsters and they love these types of booths at any event.

Digital Screen Background

Guests are so excited when they come to know that they can have any backdrop for their photo. The professional photo booth providers are offering digital green screen background where guests can have a picture of Eiffel Tower or the London Bridge in the backdrop. Similarly, you can ask them to have photos at the beach, in the meadows or anywhere else that they prefer.

Leaf Blower Experience

Party organizers like The Photo Factory have unique photo booth ideas including that of a leaf blower experience. The idea involves using the leaf blower at the person’s face while all the hilarity is captured on the camera. Paired with animated GIFs, these pictures can make your guests laugh for a long, long time.

Projector Booth

This type of booth allows the user to have a video or image projected on them to have a fun effect. This type of booth is getting popular as there is no stationary or static background but a moving image that adds to the fun.

iPad Booths

These booths are also very popular as they allow the guests to share their photos or GIFs instantly without any help. These booths are also called the selfie stands and have in the market for quite some time now. Corporate event organizers can use the booths to highlight the logo and brand of the company that has set up the booth.

Customized booths

You can add customized booths with any set design at your event. You can choose any types of props and add background as per your preference.

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