Is this is first weekend spa  you are going for? You will be thrilled for sure and you may also feel the exam butterflies in your stomach moving to your throat. Do not worry, it is a relaxed process and you will feel every inch of the relaxation. To begin with:

  • On getting an appointment, you can ask the first line or set of questions. However, if you are intimidated highly, ask for a tour. You may ask them about the products they are using and also about the specials, go through their brochure and the website.

  • Arrive half an hour early and use this time to relax. Complete the paper work if any. It may be details about recent surgeries, allergies and relevant information. In case there are special medical needs or pain, inform them up-front.
  • Start small, try half hour massage or mini-facial first and go for the full body wraps that is a bit more expensive.
  • Do not hesitate to ask if a male massage therapist is acceptable or give a female. If you feel gentle or hard, cold or hot, etc. You can keep the therapist informed of the ways you find it soothing or if it is not comfortable. They will guide you.
  • A hot shower is the first step to massage and once the chlorine is off; you can be in the hot tub and relax.
  • Avoid eating full; else there will be a bloated feeling.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, but before the treatment go to bathroom.
  • Stay modest, undress in private, and if you wish to keep underwear, you may. The therapists are trained in draping techniques and they work tactfully on exposed areas.
  • If you feel like sleeping, just fall asleep in this calm and serene place. Take it easy, do not rush outside. Bear in mind to give yourself some extra time so that you reach home peacefully.

  • There is no need to have your jewelry, makeup or hairdo. In fact, keep your jewelry at home.
  • Leave the phone at home for best.
  • Do not forget to tip between 10 to 20%. In some places the tip is added to your bill, while some include the tip only if you have chosen a package.

Now on knowing the details of the spa, you have a clear insight of the process inside the spa, enjoy and stay relaxed.