The first signs of children experiencing vision problems are usually known when they complain of being unable to see the blackboard clearly.

Routine vision screening is one way to know about any impending problems with children’s eyes. However, as there are too many students to check in a screening test, it is better that parents pay attention to the following signs.

They must understand that any of the following reasons could show that their child needs Houston eye



Squinting helps in making the vision of a thing clear as it changes the shape of the eye. The amount of light that enters the eyes is greatly reduced when a child squints. Constant squinting of the eyes is an indication that the child has some vision problems and he/she needs Houston eye glasses.

Tilting the head

If your child regularly tilts his/her head to see things, it indicates a problem. When the child suffers from ptosis, a problem in which the line of vision is obstructed by the upper eyelid, he/she would tilt his/her head to see things clearly. The problem of double vision is also corrected by tilting the head.

Watching the television from a close distance

Your child would need Houston eye glasses if he/she sits very close to the television. Nearsightedness can be easily detected when the child sits closely to the television or reads too closely.

Skipping lines while reading

If you make your child read aloud and he/she skips the lines it is indication of an eye problem. Astigmatism can make your child lose the place while reading.

Covering one eye

If you notice your child covering one eye while watching television or reading, you need to be alert. This could be an indication of poor vision in one eye. Ignoring the problem can lead to the development of amblyopia. It also indicates the problem of double vision which if ignored could lead to cataract.

Excessive tearing

If your child has excessive tearing during the day, it could indicate a problem of lag ophthalamus. In this problem, the eyes do not close completely when the child is sleeping. This leads to drying out of the eyes at night and excessive tearing during the day.

Sensitivity to light, rubbing of the eyes and frequent headaches are the signs that indicate that your child needs Houston eye glasses.

Consult your optometrist today to get the right prescription and correction of the problem.