Ah yes, new love blossoming. However, with young and blossoming love, comes the age-old conundrum of what do you get as a gift for a new partner. Although it sounds like a ridiculous thing to worry about, worry about it we do. It’s a nightmare in the beginning stages of a relationship because you not only don’t want to come off as too keen or desperate, but you conversely don’t want to come across as if you don’t care at all.

If you are looking for help in this department, don’t worry guys because we have your back.

In the following post we are going to highlight some general rules that you can follow with regards to gift buying budgets, based on how long you’ve been with your partner.

One to Four Dates 

If you’ve only been on one to four dates and you really want to get your new girl a gift, stick to a small card and perhaps a meal with a nice bottle of wine. Anything more may stink of desperation and scare them off.

One to Three Months

The kind of gift you get during this really depends on the regularity with which you see each other. If you see each other a couple of times a week, you are best sticking to getting something cheap and fun, but heartfelt. Around $30 should be enough, along with a meal. It would be too much to get anything more because you are not that serious yet.

However, if you spend three or four days a week together, it’s definitely becoming more serious, but you still want to stay in fun gift territory. Concert tickets are ideal.

Four to Five Months – Casual

Take a lead from the above, but with a buffer of $50 or thereabouts for the gift.

Four to Six Months – Serious

This is definitely the time when things are starting to heat up and you can afford to splurge a bit more. During this ‘honeymoon’ period you can buy all sorts of sappy and sweet gifts. Be careful not to overdo it though. Gifts that involving activities you can both do are good, as is jewelry.

Seven Months or more

By this time, you should have a better handle on what’s acceptable and not and know exactly what she’s into. Practical gifts are a good bet here, particularly if you live together. You might also want to consider something like one of the various thinking of you gift baskets that are available. Showering her with tasty treats or bathing goodies will always win you brownie points. What’s more, a lot of the stuff that comes in gift baskets are best enjoyed by two.


It’s important to keep in mind that although we think the above is a good set of guidelines to base your gift buying on, every relationship is different, so nothing is concrete or hard and fast. Use your knowledge of your partner and good judgment when buying gifts and you are bound to have success.