The hair transplant procedure allows you to get the particular number of rafts/hair follicles to cover the respective grade of baldness. The procedure of restoration allows the transferring of hair roots from the donor areas to the receiving balding areas in such a manner that the patients get a head full of hair. The hair transplant in Jaipur has the main goal to cover the respective Norwood grade of baldness that affects overall scalp areas except the back and sides of the scalp. The grade or extent of baldness is rated on the Norwood scale that is categorized into 7 categories and the extent of loss increases in terms of increasing the grade of the baldness. The crown hair transplant always needs a careful planning and management in terms of the graft placement and the selection of the graft in terms of slim and chubby grafts in order to offer the best aesthetic outcome of the procedure. The most important consideration in the crown hair transplant that how efficiently the areas would be covered with the grafts as it is the areas which need a number of hair roots to offer the good density. But, even with the good donor supply, the management is needed to extract the graft in order to place them into the crown areas. The hair transplant procedure is strictly based on the donor supply, but even though the patient has a sufficient donor supply it is hard to get enough amount of the graft to place them into the crown areas.

As a matter of fact, there is not just enough hair that could be realistically extracted over one or multiple procedures to fulfil the crown needs aesthetically.

In this article, we are mentioning that how crown hair transplant could fulfil the aesthetic goal of the surgery as follows:

  • The Microscopic Dissection:

The microscopic dissection is allowed to obtain the greatest number of grafts to cover the present grade of baldness. It is mandatory to receive the best number of grafts in a single session in order to place the same into the respective balding zone. The higher magnification of advanced microscopes facilitates the option of getting a higher number of grafts that fulfil the need of the desired number of hair roots. The hair transplant surgery, especially to cover the crown portion needs a greater amount of viable grafts that must be extracted via the strip harvesting. The FUE restoration method is not allowed to cover the crown areas as it doesn’t have such compatibility that can fulfil the need for a greater number of grafts.

  • The Technique of FUT for Crown Hair Transplant:

The technique chosen for the crown hair transplant must be performed by the FUT technique of the hair transplant. The strip method of the surgery allows you the best number of grafts as the strip contains a bunch of follicular units that facilitate the option of getting the biggest number of hair roots and all’s in just a single session. However, the strip harvesting process always allows getting the best possible number of grafts/hair roots. The FUT method allows a surgeon to venture into the crown region and makes possible to extract more number of roots. Thus, a number of grafts can be placed into the crown areas of the scalp.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant needs the aesthetic decision and planning followed by the careful management and introspection in order to offer the best natural hair transplant results of the procedure. You must visit hair transplant clinic if experiencing any kind of hair loss symptoms.