5 Reasons Why Teamwork is Important in Nursing

When it comes to the healthcare system, team work is important as specialists, physicians and nurses have to work together to better care for the patient. It is a multidisciplinary approach and nurses are required to work in tandem with the doctors and with each other to ensure proper treatment of the patients.

All individuals have to work together, which undoubtedly requires streamlined communication. In light of this, mentioned below are some very 5 good reasons why teamwork is integral in the nursing profession.

1)    Better Patient Outcome and Satisfaction

Everyone in the healthcare system, doctors, surgeons and nurses have to band together for one common goal, and that is to provide exceptional healthcare for the patience. Nurses are required to work more with the patient, which is why it is important that they communicate regularly. This allows for the patient to feel more welcomed and cared for. Moreover, this also enables nurses to note down small details of the patient and report to the specialists and the doctors, giving them an even better insight into the patient’s case.

2)    Avoid Getting Burned Out

The better the nurse feels about their job, the better care they are able to provide to the patients. It is important to avoid potential burnout by maintaining good coordination between the team of health care professionals. Everyone working with each other positively leads to not only better care for the patient; it also ensures the employees are satisfied with their jobs.

3)    Better Work Assessment

Good teamwork ensures that the nurses and every other healthcare provider on the team is aptly held accountable for his/her actions. Having huddles on a regular basis makes for a more positive attitude among all the nurses and the doctors. Having their work assessed and monitored by supervisors leads to a better chain of communication. This also ensures the patient’s issues are took into vital consideration and that everything thing is done as per his needs and that the report is accurately dispatched to the specialist.

4)    Good Teamwork Lowers Job Turnover Rates

In any hospital where teamwork is disturbed and not optimally functioning, the job satisfaction numbers drop, leading to higher turnover rates. Teamwork leads to better communication and this leads to streamlined patient care. In any healthcare center where there is great emphasis on teamwork, the staff there is more satisfied and willing to continue with their jobs for years.

5)    Better Workplace Relationships

It is common knowledge that people work better when they are surrounded by people they have a better relationship with. This also improves staff engagement as they are able to perform better and work more efficiently, adapting to challenges and difficulties whenever the time and need surfaces.

Nurses are the ones that are engaged the most at a workplace by both patients and doctors. They need the motivation and the encouragement to resist getting burned out. With an advanced degree in nursing, nurses can work towards perfecting their role and their careers.